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February 3, 2012

Aprel EM-ISight EMI Scanning System First to Probe 20GHz!

Aprel EM-ISight Single Probe Scans 20GHz

The innovative engineers at Aprel have announced that the popular EM-ISight EMI scanning system is now upgradeable to 20GHz, utilizing a single probe solution.

The specifics of the upgrade involve upgrading the system software, additional probe calibrations and a new micro Stripline for self calibrating and verifying the system.

This upgrade makes Aprel the only near-field scanning system manufacturer to provide a single probe solution that is capable of testing frequencies from 10kHz all the way up to 20GHz.

For additional information on the new 20GHz capabilities of the Aprel EM-ISight EMI scanning system, contact a BIZI representative today!

Call 1-800-370-0123 or 1-978-649-0722!

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