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May 2011 Posts

May 6, 2011

BIZI – Now the US Distributor …

BIZI – Now the US Distributor of Aprel’s pioneering EMI EMC testing equipment. SAR HAC Measurement systems. http://bit.ly/kxFwZO

During this difficult economy …

During this difficult economy you can stretch your purchasing budget by buying quality refurbished/used test equipment! http://bit.ly/k7yAqh

Do you know what an optical fu…

Do you know what an optical fusion splicer is and what it is used for? If not you should read this! >> http://bit.ly/lTlB42

What Is an Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer?

To those in the optical fiber industry, what a fusion splicer is may be obvious, but for those that aren’t, we will attempt to answer this question for you. Fusion Splicers Defined In its simplest terms, a fusion splicer is a special piece of test equipment that is used to join the ends of two […]

May 2, 2011

BIZI is offering $50 Saving on…

BIZI is offering $50 Saving on Fusion Splicer Cleaning & Calibration, Now Only $445 for a limited time! http://bit.ly/jn4v1z

Fusion Splicer Cleaning & Calibration – Now Just $445!

Does your Fujikura optical fiber fusion splicer suffer from any of the following symptoms or simply need to have it’s preventative maintenance done to get it back into tip top shape? Needs Preventative Maintenance Expired Annual Cleaning Dirty Mirrors Alignment Issues Excessive DB Splice Loss Then take $50 Off BIZI’s standard fusion splicer cleaning and […]