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August 30, 2011

Aprel Surges with Orders for EMI Compliance Systems Despite World Economy

APREL has been overwhelmed by the recent surge in orders received and are on target to have one of the best Q3 results in their 30 year history.

Orders have been received from the US, India, China and Taiwan for the EM-ISight and MiNi-HAC automated test systems.

This shows that the recent financial troubles have not effected those companies involved in research and development or manufacturing within telecommunications and consumer products.

The president and CEO of APREL Stuart Nicol said “I have been pleasantly surprised at the volume we have committed to ship this quarter. There was a fear that the financial uncertainties would affect those developing consumer and high technology products meaning system developers like APREL may struggle to hit our sales targets but it is clear based on our Q3 results thus far APREL’s automated solutions are needed by the major electronics manufacturers”.

The surge in demand for APREL systems “means that we are doing something special now, all the R&D effort, late nights and hard work from my team is finally getting recognized” said Stuart “we are adding to our forecasts on a daily basis, all major manufacturers seem to be retooling for the next generation of electronics and I am pleased to say it looks like our solutions are a big part of their investments in future test technologies”.

Aprel EM-ISight EMI Scanning System Aprel Mini-HAC - Hearing Aid Compatibility Test System Aprel ALSAS-10U - Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) System
Aprel EM-ISight Aprel MiNi-HAC Aprel ALSAS-10

APREL is a world leader in the design of fully automated EMC compliance standards test solutions and manufactures a wide range of instrumentation that includes: Automated Measurement Systems, E-field/H-field Probes & Sensors, Positioners, Software, Data Processing, Phantoms, Tissue Simulation Liquids, Dielectric Probes, Validation Dipoles, Helmholtz Coils and more.

BIZI is the US Distributor of the full line of Aprel EMI / EMC products including the EM-ISight & MiNi-HAC.

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