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April 16, 2014

Agilent E7405A – EMC Spectrum Analyzer for Sale

Agilent / HP E7405A - Spectrum Analyzer

BIZI Price: US $ 19,995.00Excellent Condition.

The success of your product design begins with early evaluation of its EMI performance. The Agilent E7405A EMC standard analyzer provides the capabilities you need in an spectrum analyzer to make in-house EMI precompliance testing a reality.

Combined with a broadband antenna, the Agilent E7405A provides the capabilities to check for radiated emissions coming from your design under test. This is best done in an area that is free from reflective objects such as an open area or EMI chamber.

Agilent E7405A Performance Specs:

  • 1 Hz to 5 MHz (including 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz, 1 MHz EMI BW)
  • +12.5 dBm TOI
  • ≤ 150 dBm displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • Next Generation Carrier Ethernet Test Solution.
  • Optional (UKB) for lower frequency of 100 Hz

Agilent E7405A Features:

  • Built-in Preamplifier
  • Log Sweep
  • Optional Tracking Generator
  • Options included standard are: A4H, AYQ, B72, 060, 1DR, 1DS

Agilent E7405A Included Options:

  • 1DR: Narrow Bandwidth Resolution
  • 1DS: RF Preamp
  • UKB: Low Frequency Extension
  • 060: Low Emmissions
  • B72: Expansion Memory
  • 1D5: Hi Stability Frequency Reference
  • A4H: GPIB & Parrellel
  • AYX: Fast Sweep & Ports
  • AYQ: Detector & RF Demodulator

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