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January 21, 2014

Test Equipment Specials Sale January 21, 2014

BIZI is pleased to offer the following fully tested pre-owned electronic test equipment from Agilent HP, Fujitsu / Denso, Kikusui, and Xantrex, all for sale at reduced prices.

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Electronic Test Equipment for Sale – January 21, 2014

Agilent 6690A Power Supply

Agilent 6690A
BIZI Price: US $2,995
DC Programmable Power Supply, 0-15 Volts, 0-440 Amps, 6600 Watts.

Agilent E3611A Power Supply

Agilent E3611A
BIZI Price: US $199
E3611A 30W Power Supply, 20V, 1.5A or 35V, 0.85A.

Fujitsu EUL-600 Electronic Load

Fujitsu Denso EUL-600
BIZI Price: US $1,500
Fujitsu/Denso Electronic Load, 0-600 Watts / 0-120 Amps.

Kikusui PLZ-300W Electronic Load

Kikusui PLZ-300W
BIZI Price: US $700
Programmable Electronic Load, 150 Watt 1.5-120 Volts, 0-30 Amps.

Kikusui PLZ700W Electronic Load

Kikusui PLZ700W
BIZI Price: US $900
Programmable Electronic Load, 700 Watts 4-60 Volts, 0-140 Amps.

Xantrex XDC20-600 Power Supply

Xantrex XDC20-600
BIZI Price: US $2995
Programmable DC Power Supply 12KW 20V/600A.

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All pre-owned electronic test equipment is fully tested by our in-house network engineers and is backed by a 14-day return policy and comes with one of BIZI’s standard limited warranty programs.

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