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March 25, 2010

Test Equipment with a Cracked or Broken LCD or Touch Screen?

Broken LCD Screen Broken

Before – Broken Panel!

Broken LCD Screen After

After – New Panel!

Do you have a piece of test equipment that has a cracked or broken lcd or touch screen?

Let one of BIZI’s highly-trained team of qualified engineers and technicians repair or replace that broken LCD & touch screen for you!

Our technicians have the know-how and experience to troubleshoot problems and either repair or replace most test equipment lcd & touch panels.

In the event that a repair or replacement is needed, our lcd screen repair shop has the necessary components to repair or replace most lcd & touch screens, no matter where they were purchased or which test equipment manufacturer they are installed.

LCD & Touch Screen Replacement & Repair Services

Our LCD & Touch Screen Service includes:

  • Free evaluation report of LCD panel condition
  • Free Time & Material estimate reports

BIZI also provides custom engineering services for other test equipment applications. Our standard depot repair rate is $125/hour for engineering/repair services.

You can Call us at 1-800-370-7883 to discuss your lcd or touchscreen panel needs
or simply fill out our LCD / Touch Screen Repair Form.