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October 11, 2016

3Z Telecom Antenna Alignment Tool & WASP

3Z Telecom Antenna Aligner Reduces Re-Visits and Re-Climbs !
The 3Z RF Aligner is the world’s leading Antenna Alignment Tool for both panel antennas and microwave systems. The 3Z RF Aligner reduces re-visits and re-climbs
by optimizing network performance. It incorporates GPS technology to calculate precise Azimuth, Tilt, Roll and AGL measurements.
For a multitude of directional antenna systems. Universal antenna mounting system is used for quick antenna attachment and release.

3Z Telecom’s Antenna WASP is a wireless Antenna Sensor Pod, that when attached to an antenna, hourly monitors its alignment in 3 dimensions: azimuth,
down-tilt and skew. The WASP will detect and report any undesired changes to all the antennas being monitored (up to 18 antennas per site)
Product Features:
• High Reliabilty
• 10+ year battery life
• Ultra-low power consumption
• +/- 0.5 tilt accuracy
• Weather proof packaging
• No maintenance
• Easy installation & set up
• On site & remote antenna monitoring
• Priority list creation upon a major network disaster
• Alarming capabilities

The WASP utilizes a wireless interface between the antenna’s Sensor Pod and a Data Collector at the base of the tower, or nearby communication facility.
Any changes in the antenna’s orientation is transmitted and via SNMP, the Data Collector forwards this information to the wireless carriers NOC,
RF engineers, and/or operations personnel as needed.

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