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February 10, 2012

Test Equipment Deals – February 6, 2012

All of these test equipment items were posted on Twitter & Facebook, Monday February 6, 2012.
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Anritsu 37347A - Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 37347A – US $22,000
Vector Network Analyzer
Keithley 2400-LV - SourceMeter
Keithley 2400-LV – US $3,350
Agilent / HP 81618A - Optical Head Interface
Agilent / HP 81618A – US $1,750
Optical Head Interface
Anritsu ML2408A - RF Power Meter
Anritsu ML2408A – US $1,400
RF Power Meter
FiberPro PS-155-A - Polarization Scrambler
FiberPro PS-155-A – US $3,500
Polarization Scrambler