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June 4, 2013

Kingsine K68i Protection Relay Test Set

Kingsine K68i - Protection Relay Test Set

BIZI Price: US $ 11,000.00 – Factory New! 3-Year Warranty.

Protection Relay Test Set, 3x35A, 4x300V,5 Function Modules, Ethernet, TFT LCD, WinCE

The Kingsine K68i is an industry leading All-in-One design Protection Relay Tester capable of testing most industry relays in both automatic and manual configuration.

Major Functions: OverCurrent, Inverse Time OverCurrent, UnderCurrent, Ground Fault, OverVoltage, UnderVoltage, Power Factor, Distance Protection, Automatic Reclosing Device, Tripping, Voltage Regulating, OverImpedance, UnderImpedance, and Time-Delay

Kingsine K68i Hardware Features:

  • All-in-One Design, Relay Tester with 6.4 inches LCD Display.
  • 4-Phase AC Voltage Source and 3-Phase AC Current Source, Range, Phase, Frequency can be set Independently.
  • Max AC Voltage can reach 300 Volts each Phase, Independent Aux. DC to Tested Devices, 0 ~ 300V/0.6A (Poleless and Adjustable).
  • computer Interfaces: USB port, RJ45 port, VGA Video Port , USB / RJ45 Ports convenient for Data Transfer.
  • VGA Video Port can connect to Projector for Study, Demonstrations, and Training.
  • Super Long Life Rotary Encoder + Functional Keyboard.

Kingsine K68i Software Features:

  • Capable of Testing most Industry Relays including: Voltage Relays, Current Relays, Frequency Relays, Power Relays, Impedance Relays, Harmonic Relays, Distance Relays and more.
  • Self Housing-Grounding-Detecting Function, software interface displays whether the housing is well grounding or not, effectively ensuring the safety of testing environment.

Kingsine K68i Available Software Options:

  • Differential – US $ 2,950.00
  • State Sequence – US $ 1,650.00
  • Time Characteristic – US $ 925.00
  • Synchronizer – US $ 1,150.00
  • Advanced Distance I – US $ 2,050.00
  • Fault Recurrence – US $ 2,050.00
  • GPS – US $ 2,162.00
  • GPS clock – US $ 825.00

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