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June 7, 2011

Aprel EM-ISight – Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Scanning System

Aprel is a pioneer in the design of fully automated electromagnetic noise scanning test solutions.

Aprel EM-ISight Electromagnetic Scanning System

The EM-ISight EMI Scanner has been developed as a fully automatic system for detecting the sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and RF noise emitted by electronic devices and their respective circuits.

The EM-ISight system enables design & quality assurance QA engineers to quickly & definitively pin-point the areas in a problematic circuit that are the source of the electromagnetic interference.

The EM-ISight is a flexible EM measurement system that is perfectly suited to support a wide range of industries including the design of consumer products, automotive applications, integrated circuit design, aviation components, PCB integration and wireless communication devices – just to name a few.

The features built into the EM-ISight hardware enable it to meet the requirements for today’s modern design and analysis methods from pre-compliance testing all the way through to product delivery!

Aprel’s innovative EM-ISight EMI scanning test system is an affordable and easy to use solution for all electromagnetic design engineers. It is designed for small, medium and large organizations that develop, certify or approve product designs and is a fully expandable system that can grow to meet the needs of the future.

BIZI is the US Distributor of the full line of Aprel EMI / EMC products including the EM-ISight featured here.

To Request Further Information:
Email: Aprel Info Request Link
PDF: Aprel EM-ISight PDF Link
Phone: (800) 370-0123 or (978) 649-0722 – Call Today!

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May 6, 2011

BIZI – Now the US Distributor …

BIZI – Now the US Distributor of Aprel’s pioneering EMI EMC testing equipment. SAR HAC Measurement systems. http://bit.ly/kxFwZO

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Do you know what an optical fu…

Do you know what an optical fusion splicer is and what it is used for? If not you should read this! >> http://bit.ly/lTlB42

What Is an Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer?

What is a fusion splicer

To those in the optical fiber industry, what a fusion splicer is may be obvious, but for those that aren’t, we will attempt to answer this question for you.

Fusion Splicers Defined

In its simplest terms, a fusion splicer is a special piece of test equipment that is used to join the ends of two separate pieces of optical fiber, making one continuous fiber.

The process of joining the fiber ends together is called “fusion splicing” because the splicer unit actually uses an electrical arc or laser to heat the fiber material to the point that it melts and fuses together.

Fusion Splicer Process

Splicing fiber with a fusion splicer is a multi-stepped operation that requires care and precision throughout the process.

  • The process starts with the operator preparing the individual fiber ends for splicing.
  • The protective outer coatings must be carefully stripped from the optical fiber.
  • The exposed fiber material must be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.
  • The ends are cut squarely and cleanly with a special device call a fiber cleaver.
  • The stripped, cleaned & cut ends are then placed into the splicer unit and clamped securely in place.
  • This is where the fusion splicer takes over: inspecting & aligning the ends and then performing the actual splice.

These are essentially the steps for performing a successful splice of two ends of optical fiber cable using a fusion splicer.

Fusion Splicer Uses

Typical uses for fusion splicers and associated splicing hardware are seen everywhere in today’s highly technical environment, from voice & data communications to secure corporate network inter-connectivity and more.

Many of the users of optical fiber & fusion splicer equipment include telecommunications installers, cable company employees, military communications specialists, information technology professional – just to name a few!

The leading manufacturers of optical fiber fusion splicers are Exfo Engineering, Fujikura, Fitel & Sumitomo.

An Example of Popular Fujikura Fusion Splicer Models:

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May 2, 2011

BIZI is offering $50 Saving on…

BIZI is offering $50 Saving on Fusion Splicer Cleaning & Calibration, Now Only $445 for a limited time! http://bit.ly/jn4v1z

Fusion Splicer Cleaning & Calibration – Now Just $445!

Fujikura Fusion Splicer Cleaning / Calibration Special

Does your Fujikura optical fiber fusion splicer suffer from any of the following symptoms or simply need to have it’s preventative maintenance done to get it back into tip top shape?

  • Needs Preventative Maintenance
  • Expired Annual Cleaning
  • Dirty Mirrors
  • Alignment Issues
  • Excessive DB Splice Loss

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January 28, 2011

We want to buy your used HP / Agilent test equipment!

Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter

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We are currently looking to purchase Agilent test & measurement equipment from several product categories including analog and digital oscilloscopes, network analyzers, power meters, signal analyzers, spectrum analyzers and more.

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November 17, 2010

BIZI International – Specials …

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October 25, 2010

BIZI Networks – Specials NewsL…

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